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    As a full service provider we aim to offer you the best technology and service available. We create the best set up allowing for easy traffic and high end user satisfaction.

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    Vacuum Technology

    Fresh Water Vacuum technology used for our toilets secures greater hygiene and all over improved experience. No chemical waste and an all over sustainable approach. Easy to use washbasins improving the experience.


    Our team works with you to create the best event possible. Driven by our core values of experience, knowledge, courage, excellence, respect, inspiration and determination enables us to offer a range of services:


    Our world changes rapidly, consumer demands increase and the responsibility for our environment is more important then ever. This is what drives our need for innovation in products and services.

    • High customer satisfaction
    • Hygienic sanitation
    • 90% water savings
    • 90% less waste water
    • Complete sanitary concept
    • Chemical free operation
    • Modular & scalable
    • Efficient & safe logistics
    • Plug & play concept
    • Reliable & durable
    • Easy & rapid deployment
    • Environmentally friendly
    • Permanent r&d
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