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    Where do you supply your facilities?

    We supply our facilities to anywhere in the UK and Europe! We transport all of our products using our dedicated and reliable haulage partners.

    What facilities do you have?

    Check our product page.

    I need to hire for a long period, is this option available?

    We can provide our toilets for as long as you like! Be it 2 weeks , 2 months or a year, we can facilitate your needs.  

    How do you deliver the toilets and showers?

    We transport all of our units on artic flatbed lorries, it is the most efficient mode of transport. We will always advise you on our delivery schedule to ensure it works with your build timetable.  

    How do you unload the equipment?

    We will require a forklift or tele-handler for the toilet modules. For the vacuum tanks, we use Hi-Ab lorries which will safely offload the tanks into the correct location. We can arrange this if you don’t have anything onsite.  

    Where does all the waste go from the toilets and showers?

    The waste from the toilets can be plumbed into the mains sewer if this is available, otherwise it is stored in our vacuum tanks and emptied after the event. The grey water from the showers can also go into the sewer or a soakaway if allowed, otherwise this will be tanked and emptied.  

    Do your toilet facilities need to be shut down whilst the waste is being emptied? 

    Our WC units do not need to be shut down when the waste is being emptied. 

    Where is the waste stored?  

    In our 18,000ltr vacuum tanks. 

    How large are your waste tanks / vacuum tanks?

     8ft by 20ft.

    How far the waste tank / vacuum tank need to be from the toilet units?

    No further than 20 meters ideally.

    Do you use chemicals in your toilets?

    No, we don’t use chemicals at all.

    Do I need to supply water and power?

    Yes, we will require a 25mm MDPE water connection with a minimum of 2bar pressure for the toilets and 3bar for the showers. If the water pressure is too low for the showers, we can provide water tanks and booster pumps. The power for the toilets to run the LED lights comes from our Vacuum Tanks, these tanks require a 32amp/3phase power supply per tank. So, if you are hiring two tanks, we will require two power feeds. The DDA/ADA units require a 16amp/single phase power supply. Our showers use 16amp connections, we will require a minimum of three connections per shower block. We will be able to give a more accurate requirement once you know the number of showers you require.

    Can the units go anywhere?

    Ideally they will be positioned on a flat level surface, but they will also fit inside a marquee structure with a cassette floor, or on a scaffold platform. We have lots of options, a member of staff will usually carry out a site visit to confirm location details.  

    Do you accommodate disabled guests?

    Yes, we have some DDA ( or Easy Access Cabins ) specially designed for wheelchair users. Talk to us for more details. 

    What if I have problems on site with the equipment?

    Relax, we have you covered with our trained Engineers, they will always be on hand to deal with any problems. If your hiring from us long term, we can send out an engineer to fix anything that may have gone wrong. If we are at fault, of course we will cover it, if the problem is due to negligence we will need to bill for it accordingly. 

    Do you supply toilet paper and all the other consumables?

    A: Yes, we will provide toilet paper and hand soaps for all our units, if you have a specific requirement than please ask one of the team for advise.  

    Will you service the toilets during the event?

    This depends on the event, how many people, how many days etc. Usually we can book in our own waste disposal to empty our tanks, however on large events it is easier to use the onsite tankers.  

    Can you run a Pay As You Go service?

    This is something we are working on, please give us a call to discuss what we could offer.  

    Will you supply cleaning staff?

    This can be part of our service. Please contact our team for further details.