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    BST Hyde Park

    About Ontrax at BST Hyde Park

    “We have been working with Ontrax since 2022, introducing their vacuum units to BST Hyde Park. Sustainability is an important element of the show, we needed to reduce our water consumption and delivery to site; the Ontrax products have many benefits the key ones being the ability to reduce water usage by up to 75% through their vacuum technology and with no chemicals we can discharge directly into the main sewer system vastly reducing the number of service trucks transporting waste away. Their modules have an innovative collapse design which means more toilets can be delivered through less transport. For the 2024 show we have increased our order with Ontrax as the show grows.
    The service provided by the team, in both the planning stages and on-site is always top notch and I look forward to working with them again 2024 and beyond. ” Iain Rogers, Senior Site Operations Manager LS Events/ Production BST