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    Electric Picnic

    About Electric Picnic…

    I have only had the pleasure of working with the team at Ontrax Rentals on one occasion so far. However, this one occasion happened to be our biggest ever job.
    The support and expertise offered by the team at Ontrax during every phase of the project ensured successful delivery was never in doubt. The customer experience while using the Ontrax vacuum toilets is second to none.
    The vacuum system ensures odors are nonexistent, and the thoughtful layout of the units makes them incredibly easy to clean and maintain. The module’s functionality does not come at the compromise of quality and still manages to provide a luxury experience.
    The innovative collapsible design means as many as double the number of Ontrax modules can be transported per load compared with conventional toilet modules. This massively helped to counter the ever-increasing transportation costs.
    I look forward to working with the Ontrax team again, and I am excited to see where their innovation will lead with the development of their modules. Hamish Kay – Operations Manager at Festival Extras, Electric Picnic 2022