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    Isle of Wight 2022

    About Isle of Wright 2022

    Our team have had the pleasure of working with Ontrax since 2021. We wanted to transform our public toilet provision in our main entertainment areas and searched for a company that could deliver a high standard product, an efficient system and that had a can-do attitude to design out problems during the planning and delivery phases – without question the Ontrax team delivered this in abundance.

    The products are built to a high standard, the toilets in particular have a really efficient flush system keeping water use low, everything is fresh water so not a chemical in sight supporting our sustainability vision. Furthermore, the team at Ontrax worked with the local water authority and us in planning meetings to allow us to dispose of the waste directly into the sewage system at site instead of multiple visits to a disposal depot miles away from site. This was a massive tick for us from an environmental point of view. Further benefits have been achieved by the way the products stack and load, in simple terms our transport plan reduced to a third of what it was by using Ontrax.

    The Ontrax team quite simply perform at a different level, their standards in every aspect of what they do are second to none. They go above and beyond to ensure the product and service is exceptional and have become an integral part of our team at the Isle of Wight Festival instead of just a service provider. Dave Steele – Operations Manager Isle of Wight Festival Limited


    On a positive note at no point did we identify any problems with foul waste and the new set up at the Quay side with Ontrax seemed to work really well. Overall I think this was a great step forward, I hope that from now we can build on this relationship to make sure the event continues to improve its management of waste water to a safer and more environmentally friendly solution. Sam Ade – Sewer Network Manager – Isle of Wight Wastewater Networks and Cus