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    “Our team at the Isle of Wight Festival have had the pleasure of working with the Ontrax Team for the last two years.

    During our second year working with the team, we have expanded from our initial specification that used to only cover the Main Arena areas to a full site deployment of their products (55000 cap Festival). The team now operate in all our entertainment arenas, our VIP area and our campsite VIP luxury shower and toilet area which was called “The Washroom”. We have also started to use the teams’ showers in our BOH staff areas.

    The transformation of our public toilet provision was necessary to eliminate the constant complaints we had about toilets.  We needed a company that could deliver to a standard that met the expectations of our audience. Our search for a high-end toilet provider led us to the Ontrax team. The sanitation products provided are built to an exceptionally high standard and all are extremely efficient. The fresh water, half litre flush system used in the toilets (with no blue chemicals) has allowed us to redesign our waste disposal plans. We used to tanker away blue toilet waste to a site 10km away but now we can dispose of the waste directly into the mains sewer on site – this has saved us a considerable amount of money and allowed us to continue to deliver a sustainable plan by reducing the transportation of waste on the Isle of Wight and our carbon footprint.

    The Washroom in an area is worthy of note. The team helped us design and deliver a VIP Luxury Shower and Toilet facility with a pamper lounge attached. This was a standalone project for us but with the support of the team it was delivered to an extremely high standard. Other brands were willing to support the project after seeing the quality of the sanitation units being used and the technical support Ontrax gave to ensure things ran smoothly.

    The Ontrax team continue to be high level problem solvers with a great attitude toward service delivery. They are always available for meetings and helped us design out problems during the planning phase. During the last year they have spent hours working with us on more efficient ways to use the system so we can save money as costs across the industry spiralled. The efficient loading and haulage of equipment has continued to keep the trucking of the product at a third of other providers.

    The relationship we have with our local Water Authority (Southern Water) has flourished over the last year after a series of detailed meetings including the Ontrax team. We have progressed from a situation of being intrusively scrutinised by them in previous years to a position of trust and textbook partnership working. The local water authority has been so impressed by the team’s performance this year at the Isle of Wight Festival that they were happy to endorse their operation at a National level internally as a best practice model.

    Our relationship with the team at Ontrax has gone from strength to strength, their standards continue to improve year on year and they really do provide a gold standard service. The team continue to be an integral part of our planning team at the Isle of Wight Festival instead of just a service provider.  I would commend and endorse them for this award without hesitation.”Dave Steele – Operations Manager Isle of Wight Festival Limited


    On a positive note at no point did we identify any problems with foul waste and the new set up at the Quay side with Ontrax seemed to work really well. Overall I think this was a great step forward, I hope that from now we can build on this relationship to make sure the event continues to improve its management of waste water to a safer and more environmentally friendly solution. Sam Ade – Sewer Network Manager – Isle of Wight Wastewater Networks and Cus