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    Our team will work with you to deliver the best event possible and that is more than just supplying a product. Our core values of courage, excellence, respect, determination and inspiration are driving what we do every day. Because of this dedication, our industry experience and knowledge we are able to offer you the following services:

    • Waste Management

      We advise, calculate and estimated waste extraction, including accurate post show figures. Offer solutions for the most efficient and environmentally friendly storage and removal of waste both on and off site.

    • Site layout

      We’re skilled in AutoCAD to help build the most user-friendly layouts to utilise our equipment. Encouraging throughflow of traffic, reduced queues, and improved user/guest experience.

    • Branding

      Explore your branding options with our team via our products.

    • Logistics

      Offering Low N02 transport where possible.

    • Cleaning

      We are able to support you with an on site cleaning crew managed by our own project manager, responsible for the successful use of our equipment at your event.

    • Plumbing and on-site Engineers

      Our team consists of qualified and proficient plumbers and site engineers, willing and able to go above and beyond to ensure a smooth running and successful event.

    • Project Management

      Expert knowledge and experience in managing projects from concept through to completion and evaluation. Our 360° approach allows us to plan, execute and deliver the best turnkey outcome each time. Always delivering projects and managing people in high pressure environments, on time, on spec and on budget.